About Us

What’s the point of education?


Education matters. It matters because the prosperity our society enjoys depends on being able to compete effectively globally, and it also matters because the personal happiness, success and fulfilment of individuals depend on learning to engage effectively and meaningfully with and as a part of that society. This is what a good education does – it ‘draws out’. This is why as teachers, and putting trends and fads and data and Ofsted and ISI to one side for a minute, our job is quite simply to draw the best out of the children we teach. And to do so because that is what builds a better world, a more secure future and gives them the best possible life chances.


What does good education look like?


There are actually a few things that children and parents and teachers and school leaders and inspectors and politicians do all agree on when it comes to education. They agree that education is worthwhile and important; they agree that good education comes from good teaching; they agree that good teaching makes for good schools. Opinions diverge when we start to talk about the way ahead, what we want to change and how.


What is ‘All About Educational’ all about?


We work to develop teachers and schools in such a way that, charting and navigating the pragmatic requirements of the educational world as it is, we do not ever lose sight of the bigger picture. We have in our sights the importance of the work that schools and teachers do and the educational world as it ought to be.

We do our best not to deal in misplaced, hackneyed and overused superlatives (outstanding, fantastic, amazing, wonderful) because not everything can be that way. When we plan our courses we focus instead on the impact on your work as a teacher. To that end all our trainers are leaders in their fields, have real ownership of the courses they lead because they have developed them personally and genuinely care that the time you spend with us is worthwhile. We pride ourselves on bespoke and creative professional and personal development that is current, relevant, reflective and practical.


What’s in it for me?


Our courses deliver not only on detail, specifics and putting principles into practice but also, uniquely we believe, focus on you and your holistic development

And that is what All About Educational is All About.