Pupil Voice

Maximise the impact of Pupil Voice in your School with our innovative Voice-Box training. This training can either be delivered in your school to a group of teachers and/or pupils. We also deliver training to Pupil Leaders and Prefect Teams.


What is Pupil Voice?

Pupil Voice…

  • describes the distinct perspectives and actions of young people throughout schools focused on education and the wider world.
  • gives pupils in school the ability to influence learning to include policies, programs, contexts and principles.
  • is the individual and collective perspective and actions of students within the context of learning and education.


Why does it matter?

It matters because…

  • young people have unique perspectives on learning, teaching, and schooling and these can be harnessed for more effective learning.
  • they can be afforded opportunities to actively shape their education and ownership of it.
  • pupils learn about the workings of democracy and public institutions.
  • pupils can be more involved in the processes of planning, decision making and advocacy.
  • all of the above is recognised by ISI, Ofsted and other inspectorates as central to school improvement and is reflected in inspection judgements.


What does it look like?

Where it is most effective, schools…

  • have vibrant and active school councils in which pupils speak, lobby and advocate confidently.
  • actively involve pupils in the design of the systems that affect them, in rewards and sanctions, in curriculum changes, in the appointment of staff and the development of school policy.
  • see dialogue with pupils as a powerful tool for development.


What difference does it make?


  • have a sense of ownership and involvement rather than entitlement.
  • learn to use reason, discussion and argument to achieve objectives.
  • develop a more realistic understanding of the processes and constraints of decision making.
  • learn about and develop greater respect for democratic processes.
  • become better citizens with a sense of civic duty and an understanding of community.
  • are happier and have a heightened sense of well-being because they feel more empowered.


How can we help

We can…

  • audit pupil voice in your school and provide a professional and bespoke action plan for development.
  • run professional on-line pupil surveys to gage views and track the development of confidence in pupil voice
  • run our ‘Voice-Box for Teachers’ INSET to train staff and enable them to work confidently with pupil voice.
  • run our ‘Voice-Box for Pupils’ day - an innovative and exciting programme to train student councils and prefect teams. During the programme pupils learn how to operate without bias, run effective teams and meetings, understand different needs and personalities, track and monitor their own effectiveness and expect to be accountable to their school community. This programme is also excellent preparation for leadership roles in pupils’ future careers.


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